About Svastha Yoga

Meditative. Gentle. Soulful.

A different kind of yoga.

A. J. Mohan is the founder of Svastha yoga. Mohan was the last student of Shri T. Krishnamacharya and studied exclusively under him. These teachings included the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The Sutras describe what is known as “the eight limbs of yoga”. The asana’s are one of those limbs and were designed to keep the body and breath in an optimal state. The teachings were designed with each individual in mind. Asana’s address structural integration as our bodies have been influenced since infancy, by how we move, our level of activity, choice of work, injury and lifestyle. Asana practice incorporates proper breathing and mental concentration respecting the connection between body, breath and mind. Svastha means, “being in one’s natural state; being healthy in body and mind”.

Come home to yourself, try Svastha yoga.

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