My Story

How I came to be here.


I was introduced to yoga in 1999 when I was living in Singapore. My main interest at the time was homeschooling our three children.

Our lifestyle allowed me to partake in my favorite sports; swimming, biking and running. Triathlons were becoming popular and training for the myriad of races left me stiff. A friend brought me to yoga and an interesting thing occurred at the end of the class. We were lying down, I was in a very relaxed state and when I opened my eyes everything appeared brighter, as though it had been enhanced in clarity, color and light.

I was intrigued!

I came to yoga as a competitive athlete and found a commercial practice. Its disciplined systematic approach met my needs for several years. The practices were not easy but with each day I felt stronger and more flexible than I had ever been. There always seemed to be a goal to work towards and sometimes I found it discouraging. My practice had become another physical pursuit but there were other things going on. I felt and acted kinder towards people.

When I started to study under the Mohan’s, founders of Svastha yoga, I was attached to my commercial practice. I was resistant when it was suggested that I try a different set of asana’s (movements) than what I was used to. We also spent more time learning “theory.” Suddenly the Asana’a were not the most important thing about yoga. The breath was on centre stage and….

Once again I was intrigued!

I received a diploma in the Art and Science of teaching yoga in 2008.

I began teaching private and semi-private classes immediately after completing my yoga training. My passion is watching individuals enjoying the softer side of yoga. Come and enjoy finding your breath with me!